What is PACINNO?

PACINNO is a strategic project funded by the IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accesion Assistante ) Cross-Border Cooperation Programme (www.adriaticipacbc.org). PACINNO is aimed at developing a collaboration platform that connects into a single regional innovation system the academic and research institutions, policymakers and innovative companies of the eight countries belonging to the Adriatic Region (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia) (www.pacinno.eu).

What is the mission of PACINNO?

PACINNO is aimed at overcoming the main obstacles and barriers to the economic development of the Adriatic countries, fostering the competitiveness of their minor firms (both in the high-tech field and in the traditional industries), and promoting the creation of innovative startups. The aim of the project is to leverage on the proactive role of universities and research organizations in boosting innovation in the Region.


Culturally similar and geographically close, the eight countries of the Adriatic Region share a common legacy of industrial development and strong research and academic institutions. During the last decades, different economic and political factors have inhibited economic and technological collaboration at the Adriatic level. Thanks to the global nature of academic knowledge and the recent convergence of national innovation policies into a common European framework, this situation can now be improved.

What are the main actions of PACINNO?

The main research actions of PACINNO project consist of mapping the innovation system of the Adriatic Region, through the Adriatic Innovation Map, and identifying the most innovative SMEs in the Region and innovation enablers and, through specific surveys and research activities.

At the core of PACINNO is the establishment of eight country-level Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) that will play a pivotal role in the implementation of collaboration and networking activities between academia and business. PACINNO is also offering TRAINING PROGRAMMES targeted at scientists, researchers and innovative entrepreneurs. These actions would allow to establish a network of public and private research institutions in the Region connected into a virtual platform (vp.pacinno.eu).

PACINNO partnership

Project Coordinator

Andrea Tracogna: andrea.tracogna@deams.units.it

University of Trieste

Trieste – Italy

Guido Bortoluzzi – guido.bortoluzzi@deams.units.it

Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka

Rijeka – Croatia

Stipan Jonjic: stipan.jonjic@medri.uniri.hr

University of Tirana

Tirana – Albania

Ervin Demo: ervin.demo@unitir.edu.al

Faculty of Economics, University of Podgorica

Podgorica – Montenegro

Vesna Karadzic: vesnaka@ac.me

Center of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control

Ajdovscina – Slovenia

Matej Cerne: matej.cerne@cobik.si

School of Economics and Business – University of Sarajevo

Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Muris Cicic: muris.cicic@efsa.unsa.ba

Institute Mihajlo Pupin

Belgrade – Serbia

Sanja Vranes: sanja.vranes@pupin.rs

Ionian University

Corfu – Greece

Phivos Mylonas: fmylonas@ionio.gr